“Recognizing our outstanding performers is one of the highlights of my job,” stated Will G., our Carpe Diem Marketing Director of Operations. “Alex, our most senior account manager, is the latest to earn some time in our company spotlight. She is one of the best examples of leadership we have in our office, taking pride in her work and creating a family-like atmosphere with her welcoming personality.”

Alex is willing to help our newest brand advocates find their way in our industry. Will added, “She brings real integrity to her role as an account manager, which she passes on to the people we bring on board. Alex plays an integral role in finding the right talent as well, conducting initial and secondary interviews.”

Our team-building efforts have been ramped up thanks to Alex’s efforts. Will stated, “She has helped organize great team activities including bonfires, sushi nights, and karaoke contests. Alex has even led road ventures to Houston and Phoenix on multiple occasions. We have a stronger group of collaborators around Carpe Diem Marketing HQ thanks to Alex’s leadership.”

Will noted that Alex consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. He commented, “She has my utmost trust and a great future with our company. Alex has set the standard for what we want out of our brand advocates. I’m excited to promote her to our assistant director in the near future.”

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