We’re always happy to recognize members of Team Carpe Diem Marketing when they achieve major career milestones, which is why Matt and Anthony are currently in our company spotlight. Both of these stellar brand advocates were recently promoted to leadership due to their consistency and amazing work ethics. Will G., our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Matt and Anthony have proven to be successful at all they do both in and out of the office. We’re excited to watch these two standouts grow into their leadership roles.

Will added that our entire team looks up to Matt and Anthony for putting in the hours necessary to be promoted to leadership positions. Being elevated to these types of roles means building trust, taking on more responsibility, and showing great organization skills. Matt and Anthony have done these things on a consistent basis, setting ideal examples for our future leaders along the way.

There are several more top Carpe Diem Marketing performers who have put themselves in line for promotions. Will noted that Manny, Andre, Marco, and Zamir are all headed for leadership roles in the near future. These standout brand advocates have earned a huge amount of recognition in our office by working hard to advance their careers and help others at the same time.

One of our favorite quotes around the Carpe Diem Marketing office comes from Vidal Sassoon, who once said, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Our newest leaders and top performers prove this axiom every day. To keep up with our high achievers, be sure to like us on Facebook.