The average person spends at least five to 10 hours a week commuting back and forth to the office. When we consider that our travel time could be worth one full business day, it stirs up a need to make the most of those valuable moments. Within our Carpe Diem Marketing office, we’re constantly exploring ways to be more productive and achieve our goals. Let’s take a look at some opportunities we can glean from our daily commute:

• Prep the Night Before: Organization is a value we embrace within our Carpe Diem Marketing culture. When we’re cognizant of our morning time, we might consider activities we can do at night. We might get our clothes ready the evening before, or pack our lunches so that we’re more relaxed in the morning.

• Incorporate Activities Into the Commute: Depending on our modes of transportation, we might find opportunities to sneak in some educational components, like listening to a podcast or catching up on industry reading (if someone else is doing the driving).

• Find Inspiration En Route: Taking a different route, especially on the way home, can be a refreshing change of pace and open us up to interesting experiences. We might be intrigued by different scenery or stumble upon a new restaurant or shop along the way.

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