As we’ve built up Team Carpe Diem Marketing, we’ve learned more about how important a strong interview really is. Making a lasting positive impression is key, no matter how qualified a person may be. These are a few things we believe candidates must do in order to stand out from their fellow jobseekers:

• Craft a Compelling Pitch: A concise but effective elevator pitch is one of the best assets for an interviewee. Those who make their pitches personal, convincing, and specific to the job in question are the candidates who stick in hiring managers’ minds.

• Research the Company: Jobseekers need to know some key details about the company’s culture and approach if they expect to make strong impressions. Researching a potential employer shows real interest and allows candidates to shape their answers to even the most basic interview questions. When prospective hires have done some homework on Carpe Diem Marketing before we meet with them, we’re more likely to remember them in a positive light.

• Leverage Nonverbal Communication: How candidates present themselves physically is as important as what they say. We watch for steady eye contact, warm smiles, and open postures when we greet potential hires.

We observe these essential elements every time we set out to add new talent. Follow Carpe Diem Marketing on Twitter for more details on our hiring process.