This year’s Admin Appreciation Day was a special one around the Carpe Diem Marketing office, because it gave us a chance to recognize Jamie for everything she does. Lexo, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Jamie comes to work with a positive attitude every single day, setting an ideal example for everyone on our team. She’s committed to continual learning and has a strong drive to succeed. We don’t know where we’d be without Jamie’s steady excellence and infectious enthusiasm.

Lexo stated that recognition is a vital part of the Carpe Diem Marketing ethos. She noted that professionals who feel valued are happier and more engaged in their work from day to day, which is something we’ve seen in our workspace. Knowing that our hard work will be highlighted and rewarded helps us maintain high levels of performance.

We’ve also found that recognizing our top performers leads to stronger morale throughout our office. Every time one of us is put in the company spotlight, we’re all inspired to take our games to the next level. This extra dose of inspiration fuels our teamwork and streamlines our methods. We also come to appreciate our teammates’ unique talents even more when they receive praise from our company leaders.

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