We’ve interviewed a wide variety of talented people through the course of  Carpe Diem’s continuing growth. Here are a few types of questions we always pose to identify the best fits for our organization.
For every candidate we meet with, we want to know the one skill he or she possesses that perfectly fits the job description. We want to go beyond the required competencies and get to the heart of why a person can thrive in a specific role. This question also tells us how well a candidate understands the duties of the job he or she wants to secure.
We also like to hear about specific instances when potential additions to Carpe Diem overcame big challenges. There will certainly be some twists and turns as a person gets used to any new professional role, so we want to be sure we’re bringing flexible people into the fold.
It’s important to know that a new hire will succeed in our unique atmosphere, so we ask candidates how they would describe their ideal workplaces. We want to be sure anyone we add to our team will be comfortable in our culture, because that’s what leads to consistent excellence on the job.
These questions help us get to the heart of each candidate’s fitness for a job with our organization. Follow  Carpe Diem on [Twitter] to find more of the strategies we use to identify the ideal hires.