SAN DIEGO, CA – Carpe Diem Marketing’s Director of Operations announced that the company is open for business and ready to make an impact on the customer acquisition industry. He also discussed a hiring push and the qualities of a successful team.

“We’re excited to announce that Carpe Diem Marketing is officially in the customer acquisition business in San Diego!” stated Will G., the firm’s Director of Operations. “I’m ready to see what my team can accomplish through our one-to-one consultations on behalf of telecom solution providers. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this expansion and the success we’ll achieve in the coming months and years.”

Will explained that being part of Team Carpe Diem Marketing goes beyond the company name. He remarked, “Our team concept is that everyone works together and helps one another reach all their goals. We seize each day and the opportunity it presents, but we’re also committed to supporting each other in the process. Constant improvement is another of our core values, so I’m excited to watch our brand advocates sharpen their skills and adapt to new challenges.”

Carpe Diem Marketing’s Director Discusses Hiring and the Ideal Attributes of a Winning Team

With a new office come many opportunities for adding top-flight talent. Will is ready to begin a hiring initiative to bring strong team players on board. “We seek skilled communicators who are ready to enhance their talents each day,” the Director added. “People from different backgrounds and experience levels should feel welcome to apply, because we offer hands-on training in our unique methods of building brand awareness.”

Setting clear goals is a cornerstone of the Carpe Diem Marketing ethos, so any new hires will need to have a strong history of achieving specific milestones. Will remarked, “It’s even better if a candidate has shown adaptive skills in reaching his or her objectives. We often ask jobseekers about times in which they attained winning outcomes amid changing circumstances. It’s important that we have brand advocates who can adjust along the path to success.”

Will is also focused on finding people with solid leadership skills. “Our ultimate goal is to develop effective leaders who are well versed in our customer acquisition techniques,” he noted. “We look for candidates who bring positive attitudes and strong work ethics to the table. With the right mind-sets in place, we can create a team of go-getters who encourage their colleagues to be their best. In our supportive work atmosphere, these kinds of natural leaders can thrive.”

About Carpe Diem Marketing:

Carpe Diem’s brand ambassadors know how important it is to truly get to know each targeted audience. By leveraging extensive quantitative and qualitative data, we do exactly that. Our intensive planning enables us to understand the needs and drivers of your ideal buyers. We then deploy an outreach approach that ensures you remain out in front of competitors – something conventional methods cannot promise.

Our people are the brilliant minds behind our initiatives. We invest in the learning and growth of the field’s most driven and passionate professionals. They know how to effectively inform buyers about your products unique features in order to generate record-breaking conversion rates.